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Location Description and Important
Places in the Region
Based on walking distance, it is 10 minutes away from
the sea, 10 minutes from the ring road, 5 minutes from
the nearest market, and the nearest school is 5 minutes

Buy a property on in Turkey
Buy a property on in Turkey

It is 20 minutes from the airport, 30 minutes from the
city center, and 15 minutes from the closest hospital.
Square meter of plot 6500 m2
Number of Blocks 3
Floor numbers on blocks 5
Total Number of Apartments 66
Total Number of Commercial Units (if


Types of Apartments (1+1, 2+1, 3+1
1+1 2+1
2+1 Garden Duplex 2+1, Roof Duplex
3+1 Garden Duplex, 3+1 Roof Duplex
4+1 Garden Duplex, 4+1 Roof Duplex
General m2 Ranges According to
Apartment Types (Whole Project):
1+1: 61 and 63
2+1: 110 m2 and 142 m2
2+1 Roof Duplex 128 m2and 140 m2
2+1 Roof Duplex 128 m2and 130 m2
3+1 142 m2
3+1 Garden Duplex 152 m2and 222.5 m2
3+1 Roof Duplex 214 m2and 260 m2
4+1 Garden Duplex 320 m2
4+1 Roof Duplex 300 m2
The gardens of the garden duplexes vary between 100
m2 and 350 m2

  1. With the solar energy system, most of the electricity consumption of the common areas
    will be provided free of charge. (The management fee will be between 40 and 70 €)
  2. Cost-free hot water with solar energy in residences and social areas.
  3. Use of nature-friendly Class A products in building materials and electrical products.
  4. Gardens designed with a rich landscape and many kinds of plants and flowers.
  5. Closed system (pressurized) solar heaters with resistive enamel tank will be placed.
  6. 24 Hour camera security. 24/7-night vision camera system will be made in a form and
    quantity that will not leave blind spots throughout the site. The recorder with sufficient
    capacity will be placed in the security post and will record all cameras.
  7. Hybrid grass will be used for turfing (zoysia japonica).
  8. Faucets and electrical outlets will be placed on large balconies (except French balconies and
    small bedroom balconies).
  9. A generator with a capacity to meet at least half of the apartments and common area energy
    capacity will be installed. The generator will be a TSE certified known brand such as Aksa,
    Genpower, etc. Will be new and with guarantee.
  10. The external walls and walls between flats (Independent units separator walls) will be as in
    the project with 19 сm pumice concrete (cwbims) and the interior walls will be 10 сm or 13.5
    M2 Ranges of Apartments for Sale
    According to Apartment Types:
    All types of apartments are available.
    Delivery Date (For projects with
    stage, stage by stage must be
    Social Activities (Outdoor and Indoor) Indoor social areas: Indoor pool, massage rooms,
    sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, fitness center,
    restaurant, music room, cinema, indoor playground,
    meeting room.
    Outdoor social areas: 250 m2 pool, football field, tennis
    court, outdoor playground, outdoor sports area.
    Construction Completion / Living in
    the Complex Starts at
    Standard Materials Provided Inside
    the Flats (For example; coat hanger –
    built-in appliances and brands – air
    conditioner / air conditioner
    infrastructure etc.)
    All white goods Beko A + products
    Coat stand, built-in appliances set in all apartments.
    All duplex apartments will have water system
    underfloor heating (heat pump is not included in the
    Air conditioning is included in the price for all
    cm bricks, plastered and painted. Interiors will be painted with Filli Boya (brand) semi-gloss
    plastic paint.
  11. All ceilings except for balcony ceilings (indoor social area, apartment interior, floor corridors)
    will be drywall and suspended ceiling with spotlights or light band will be applied according
    to the architectural design in the hall, hall and all rooms.
  12. Bathrooms will have a plasterboard ceiling, wash basin and the Shower Cabin will be Huppe
    brand, 6 mm tempered glass. A Bathroom cabinet will be installed. The sanitary ware will be
    Vitra or Grohe. The armatures to be used will be Artema, Vitra, and Grohe brands. Vitra,
    Grohe brand built-in reservoir will be used in bathrooms and WCs.
  13. The water tank, which is large enough to meet the needs of the buildings for 1 week, will be
    made of reinforced concrete next to the pool engine rooms, hygienic water insulation will be
    made, ceramic will be covered and a booster will be placed. TSE guaranteed products will be
  14. Exterior joinery will Kleidco brand, aluminum heat insulated system joinery. Accessories of
    the joinery will be Roto brand. The glasses will be double glazed Isıcam Comfort brand.
    Balcony exits of the living room and other rooms will be sliding system joinery. Hebe Schiebe
    system joinery will be used in the large halls of duplex flats of more than 4 meters in length
    (22 pieces in total in A, B, C block).
  15. On the ground floors of Garden Duplexes, automatic blinds with sheet metal box in the color
    of joinery will be placed from the outside.
  16. Attic walls, which will be used as duplex apartments by connecting to the apartments on the
    upper floor, will be made of black rough plaster from the inside. Roof cladding will be in sheet
    metal clamp system, under eaves and sides will be covered with sheet metal clamp or
    Boardex with a droplet with proper detail and workmanship.
  17. Each apartment will also have air conditioning.
  18. The parking lot floor plan under the A and B blocks will be applied as in the project.
  19. Each flat will have a 3 m2
    storage area.
  20. Exterior steel doors will be a 1st class Kale, Sur or Bordo brand. Interior doors and furniture
    will be acrylic lacquer painted, engraved with by cnc.
  21. The bodies of the kitchen cupboard and cloakroom will be made of MDF, and the covers will
    be painted with acrylic lacquer on MDF.
  22. Elevator will be 10-person capacity, C.E. certified elevator.
  23. In indoor and outdoor social areas, all functions (fitness room, indoor pool, sauna, steam
    room, Turkish bath, massage room, chilling zone, cinema hall, music room, meeting room,
    cafe-bar-restaurant, children’s game room, PlayStation game, table tennis, table football, air
    hockey) fixed and movable furniture will be placed completely.
  24. A central satellite and internet system will be built. Dish antennas will be installed. TV
    internet phone line will be installed in each room.
  25. Color video intercom system and screens will be installed. There will be encrypted accessfrom
    the parking lots. Communication with the apartments will be possible from the watch box
    and the concierge flat.
  26. A central water treatment system will be built on the site.
  27. In duplex flats, the place of the heat pump where the complete floor heating system will be
    made will be arranged, but not installed.
  28. In the bathrooms and toilets of all apartments, Devi brand electric floor heating will be
    installed to work efficiently.
  29. Arrangements will be made in the building and garden for the Physically Handicapped.
Luxury Apartments For Sale in Turkey
Luxury Apartments For Sale in Turkey


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