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Legal advice in the purchase of real estate, including grounds and buildings. We provide legal services in Alanya and Antalya that make your life easier. Law Firm

Property Lawyers in Alanya

Property Lawyers in Alanya
Property Lawyers in Alanya

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Property Lawyers in Turkey – Alanya investments

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Property Lawyers in Alanya

Real estate transactions are of greater significance in the economy of companies and private individuals, especially when they are being carried out in a country where the law and its costumes are unknown. Because of that, it is essential to be able to rely on a legal advice in your own language which anticipates possible conflicts that may arise, facing them with effective and definitive solutions.

We are pioneers in providing an integrated service in real estate transactions to international clients with more than 25 years of experience. We have intervened in highly complicated transactions which allows us to offer our clients a personalized service based on profound technical rigor and the knowledge of the customary practices of the market

Our professionals of all practice areas of the firm come together in this type of transactions which allows us to provide a complete service in relation to real estate business: purchase of real estate and real estate companies, leasing, property develop contracts, project management contracts and real estate financing.

We are experts in consulting exigent international clients in their own language which has made us being recognized in the market.

Services in Alanya

  • Legal advice in relation to the purchase of real estate, including grounds and buildings

  • Handling the purchase proceedings of new and second hand real estate

  • Drafting of lease contracts and other matters

  • Review of deeds of sale and mortgage deeds

  • Termination of contracts

  • Registration proceedings:

  • Registered encumbrances

  • Registration of rights

  • Land registration

  • Preventive seizure annotations

  • Horizontal property: Formation and Consulting of Owner Communities

  • Reparcelling of soils and terrains. Study and analysis of Urban Plans.

  • Construction Law (including the applicability of the law –Law on Building Ordinances-)

  • Liability of Construction Agents:

  • Liability of the Builder and Developer

  • Liability of the Construction Management (Planners, Architects, Quantity surveyors)

  • Construction and delivery defects of real estate of inferior finishes or not comparables to the buildings specifications.

  • Enforcement of guarantees for the purchase of new-built real estates

  • Eviction procedures

  • Legal advice for victims of fraud cases in the field of timesharing projects in Turkey

Property Lawyers in Alanya

Lawyers experts in Real Estate in Alanya

Lawyers specialised in Real Estate transactions. Alanya, Antalya

Real Estate Lawyers services in Alanya

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